Declaration of Commitment1 to Support the Development and Climate Alliance

  1. We share the same goals as the Alliance (in terms of the attached guideline) and we are committed to achieving them. We promote participation with the Alliance in our networks with the aim of increasing the organisation’s effectiveness.
  2. We support the 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and high-quality carbon offsetting is a significant part of our strategy to promote development impacts and international climate action. The projects funded within this framework are located in developing and emerging countries and comply with the quality standards set by the Alliance.2
  3. As supporters, we aim to be climate neutral – or even climate positive – by 2050 and we have chosen our strategy in line with this.
  4. The Foundation is permitted to publicise our support and also to use our logo. We make appropriate reference to our support for the Alliance and use the ‘Alliance Supporter’ logo where relevant.
  5. We report on the projects that have been funded, the development impacts achieved (2030 Agenda) and the effects on emissions, especially as part of our annual reporting and in response to individual inquiries on instances of best practice.

Unterstützer:IN werden

Unsere Unterstützer​:innen

Auf unserer interaktiven Landkarte können Sie die Unterstützer:innen der Allianz für Entwicklung und Klima nach Region finden und zudem nach Branche sortieren.

Mit gutem Beispiel vorangehen

Dass Klimaneutralität keine Zukunftsvision ist, sondern schon hier und heute erreicht werden kann, belegen zahlreiche Unterstützer:innen eindrucksvoll.


1 The declaration of commitment can be recalled at any moment by the supporter through a simple notification via email () to the Foundation Development and Climate Alliance. Supporters whose activities are incompatible with the criteria of the declaration of commitment can be excluded from membership at the Alliance.

2 Permitted standards and processes of the Development and Climate Alliance can be downloaded on the Alliance’s website: