07.06.2022: ​Bonn Climate Change Conference – Side Event „Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals in the context of voluntary climate protection projects“

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The Bonn Climate Change Conference hosts a wide range of events, meetings, and negotiating sessions that will set the stage for raising ambition to curb greenhouse gas emissions, accelerate resilience-building efforts, and ensure that climate policy is built on a solid foundation of the best available science and knowledge.

07.06.2022, 11.30 – 13.00: Side Event „Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals in the context of voluntary climate protection projects“

The contribution of the private sector in climate protection will play a central role in whether we can still avert the climate crisis on time. On the one hand, this involves ambitious climate protection concepts by companies, and on the other hand it involves supporting sustainable development in the Global South.

In addition, the business case for climate action is clear. There is growing consumer demand from manufacturers to clearly reflect climate protection and high sustainability standards in their products and services and increasing prospects of government regulation. Even more, should our global society fail to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement as well as of the 2030 agenda, business and society will suffer. To respond to these challenges, the industry has to drive innovation and make major adjustments to its supply chain and production methods.

Where emissions cannot be completely avoided carbon offsetting offers the opportunity to support further climate action, while bringing sustainable development benefits to the countries where the emission reduction projects are located. Their effectiveness must continuously be improved, especially against the background of the fact that there are only seven years left to achieve the 17 goals of the United Nations sustainability agenda.



  • Miguel Naranjo Gonzalez, Programme Officer and Climate Neutral Now lead, UNFCCC secretariat
  • Femke Tonneijck, Programme Head Wetland Carbon, Wetlands International
  • Juan Pablo Solís Víquez, Sr Advisor Climate and Environment, Fairtrade International
  • Dr. Lambert Schneider, Research Coordinator for International Climate Policy Energy & Climate, Oeko-Institut



Peter Renner, Chairman of the Board, Foundation Development and Climate Alliance


The event will be livestreamed: YouTube

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