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What supporters advocate for

As a supporter of the Foundation Development and Climate Alliance, we are committed to pursue the following shared goals.

The five points of the



We support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement and strive to make the most effective contribution possible to achieving them.


To accomplish this, we commit to develop a holistic climat strategy aimed at avoiding and reducing greenhouse-gas emissions as quickly as possible. With regard to currently unavoidable greenhouse-gas emissions, we commit to invest in high-quality climate protection projects in countries of the Global South (offsetting, insetting, financial contributions, adaptation) in order to effectively promote development impacts and international climate protection. For the development of our climate strategy and the use of climate protection projects in the Global South, we shall be guided by the corresponding lists of criteria issued by the Foundation Development and Climate Alliance.


As part of the Alliance for Development and Climate‘s annual survey (3rd quarter), we shall provide information on our climate protection targets and their implementation status. This includes in particular the funded projects, the achieved development impacts (SDGs), as well as the CO₂ impact.


In our networks, we shall promote others to participate in the Alliance and will make our commitment to development and climate known.


The Foundation may publicise our support for the Alliance and use our logo to do so. We shall refer in appropriate ways
to our supporter status and use the logo ”Supporter of the Alliance” whenever the opportunity arises.

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Photo credits: Reinaldo Coddou H., GIZ/Thomas Okfen