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Honesty, humanity, a scientific approach, quality, professionalism and service orientation are values that shape our daily actions. This is why we are open about our focus, document our actions and make our results transparent.

Sealed commitment.

The Foundation Development and Climate Alliance was established on 01 September 2020 as a public foundation under civil law. The Foundation’s registered office is in Frankfurt am Main, its business address in Berlin.

The Foundation Development and Climate Alliance is registered in the Transparency Register of the Federal Republic of Germany. The statutes of the Foundation are freely accessible.

The purpose of the Foundation is:

  • to promote development cooperation
    (section 52 (2) no. 15 of the German Fiscal Code),
  • to promote nature conservation, landscape conservation and environmental protection
    (section 52 (2) no. 8 of the Fiscal Code),
  • to promote science and research
    (section 52 (2) no. 1 of the Fiscal Code), and
  • to promote training and education
    (section 52 (2) no. 7 of the Fiscal Code).

Transparency is important to us. That is why we have joined the “Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft (ITZ)”. In doing so, we commit ourselves to making ten pieces of information available to the public and keeping them up to date. You can find this information here.

What guides us.

Ecology, economics and social issues.

These three pillars of sustainable development guide our thinking and actions. We have translated this into an ethics guideline for our day-to-day operational business and our strategic focus. This is binding for all the Foundation’s executive bodies and employees. In addition, however, supporters, offset and contract partners, as well as service providers are also asked to commit to these principles and thus to assume their global responsibility for ethical and sustainable action.

Annual reports.

The annual report publishes concrete results of the Development and Climate Alliance, ranging from how many supporters the Alliance has to how many tonnes of CO2 have been saved. It also presents projects and good practices from the companies involved.

2022 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

Public Corporate Governance reports.

By publishing its annual report, the Foundation makes its corporate work transparent, thus complying with Germany’s Public Corporate Governance Code, which contains essential provisions of applicable law on the management and supervision of companies in which the Federal Republic holds an interest.

Environmental and Social Management System

The Environmental & Social Management System (ESMS) is made up of sustainability criteria which ensure that the Foundation's partners' environmental and social standards comply with the guidelines of the KfW Group.

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