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Independent, transparent, certified

Have the opportunity to certify your commitment to development and climate protection

The Development and Climate Alliance offers its supporters a seal, certified by an independent body. The SDGold seal is granted to organisations that campaign for sustainable development and thus, which advocate for development and climate protection in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Organisations which complete the five steps process receive the seal and can convey their commitment in a credible and transparent way. 

Only organisations that are Supporters of the Development and Climate Alliance can receive the seal.
Five steps are evaluated to determine which organisations receive the SDGold award: 

The meaning of the seal

  1. The organisation´s policies for promoting development and climate protection 

  2. Accounting of the organisation´s greenhouse gas emissions

  3. Ambitious climate protection goals and measures 

  4. Effective carbon offsets and additional climate protection 

  5. Contribution to sustainable development and additional commitment 

The benefits

The foundation operates as an independent advisor in the area of climate protection and development. As it foes not offer any offset services itself, it can independently assess the progression of “avoid, reduce and offset”. Because the certified commitment of organisations goes far beyond offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. The reduction of emissions is also assessed as a component of the organisation´s climate strategy. In a similar fashion, the development impacts achieved for populations in the Global South are taken into consideration. 

The commitment to development and the climate assessed in this manner is thus transparent and holistic in the sense of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement. With the awarded seal, this can be communicated to the public in an effective way. 

Advantages for Companies

More than carbon neutral:

  • Measures to reduce emissions are reviewed
  • Offset payments are checked independently
  • Development impacts for people in the Global South are considered in the balance

Which organisations can qualify for the seal?

Organisations that are already supporters of the Development and Climate Alliance and fulfil the basic criteria can receive the seal. 
The declaration of participation is the first step of your commitment. 

Here you can check whether you fulfil the basic requirements, with no obligation and free of charge.
This tool is currently only available in German. 

Support throughout the process

The SDGold seal is awarded to organisations that have plotted the course to sustainable transformation. And as for every course to be covered, reaching the destination is easier when the stretch is divided into stages. Drawing up a greenhouse gas balance is one of these stages. SDGo – Destination SDGold – is an important milestone in the review process. The next step is to assess the goals and measures in place to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to consider offsetting contributions and to look at development impacts. When the process is completed successfully, the SDGold seal is awarded for three years. It designates companies with “Excellence in Sustainable Development”. 


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SDGold Online-Check

Here you can check whether you fulfil the basic requirements to apply for the SDGold seal, with no obligation and free of charge – available only in German.