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The Advantages of Becoming a Supporter

Become Part of the Solution

The Development and Climate Alliance has achieved a lot since its establishment. We already have over 1,000 supporters: companies, associations, organisations, non-governmental organisations, universities, towns, municipalities, regional ministries, offsetting providers and private individuals are committed to offsetting projects in developing countries and emerging economies. Together, we create sustainable prospects for people living in the Global South, thereby securing the future for much of the planet.

As a supporter of the Alliance, you will contribute to the development, promotion and implementation of climate protection technologies – adapted to the local needs and conditions in partner countries – by facilitating offsetting projects. The spectrum ranges from solutions on the household level, such as developing energy-efficient cooking stoves or micro biogas plants, to larger-scale projects involving biomass power stations, solar plants and geothermal power stations.

You can search for supporters of the Alliance by region and then sort them by sector on our interactive map. Our supporters demonstrate with their cooperation that climate neutrality is not simply a vision of the future, but rather something that can be achieved here and now. You can find many impressive examples of their commitment here.

Overview of Advantages for our Supporters

Guidelines for Working Towards Climate Neutrality with the Alliance


Sign the Alliance’s participant declaration.


Set up a CO₂ balance sheet for your company/association/municipality. Our offsetting partners will support you in drawing up a balance sheet.


Record the emissions that need to be balanced.


Choose a offsetting partner on the Alliance website.


Choose, buy and delete the emissions certificates.

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