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Interface Deutschland GmbH

Interface is a global supplier of floor coverings. For many years, the company has been known for its rigorous recycling concept. The company has been recording its sustainability indicators since 1996 and has now set itself the goal of becoming climate positive in terms of all of its corporate activities (scope 1–3) by 2040. Various measures contribute to this: while its European production facilities already operate on 100 per cent renewable power, the company is determined to steadily increase this share among its global operations. CO2 emissions have already fallen by 96 per cent in production. The core unit of measurement, however, is the products’ CO2 footprint. The CO2 footprint of the company’s carpet tiles has already decreased by 74 per cent in comparison to the baseline, i.e. the level in 1996. Since 2018, all floor coverings sold by Interface have been CO2-neutral throughout their life cycle, thanks to offsetting the remaining emissions.

Interface attended the third meeting of Alliance supporters in November 2020 and was part of a panel of experts on the podium discussing the topic of ‘COVID-19 as an opportunity – how supporters can use the coronavirus crisis for sustainable development and climate action’. Within the company, employees are given continuous and in-depth training on topics around sustainability. This allows them to talk to and educate customers about climate action and carbon offsetting during their sales pitch.


The Project

Forest conservation in Cambodia

Thanks to the Southern Cardamom project, which is certified in accordance with the VCS and CCB standards, over 445,000 hectares of Cambodian rainforest are protected – the project thereby ensures a reduction of almost 3.9 million tonnes of greenhouse gases each year. What’s more, the forests in the area are home to 55 endangered species of wildlife and therefore renowned for their high level of biodiversity. The Indo-Burmese region, where the forest protection project is located, is therefore a top priority for international conservation efforts but is threatened by illegal logging. That’s why Southern Cardamom supports the local authorities and the 29 communities – made up of approximately 4,000 families – who live in the project region with the task of effectively monitoring the protected areas and implementing existing laws. This not only preserves biodiversity but also the livelihoods of the local population, which depend in many ways on the forests remaining unspoilt and rich in biological diversity.


The project supports the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

Tonnes of emissions offset through the project:


Offset benefit 2020

In 2020, Interface offset 549,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions – equalling the total emissions produced throughout the entire life cycle (cradle to end-of-life) of the products. When selecting offsetting projects, Interface opts for those certified Gold Standard or VCS. In doing so, it ensures that the projects have a strong impact in terms of the 17 SDGs, in addition to reducing emissions.

“As part of its work, Southern Cardamom supports 4,000 families in the task of effectively monitoring protected areas and implementing the existing laws. The project not only conserves biodiversity, but also helps preserve the livelihoods of the local population.”

Tonnes of emissions offset by Interface Deutschland in 2020:


Photo credits: Interface, Southpole