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Innovate for Climate – Workshop „Beyond Carbon Neutrality – Streamlining the Concept of Private Finance Contributions as a Credible Alternative to Corporate Offsetting”

INNOVATE4CLIMATE (I4C), hosted by the World Bank Group, is an annual global conference on climate finance, climate investment and climate markets. Launched in 2017, I4C brings together thought leaders interested in linking climate innovation with investment opportunities – transforming dialogue into action.

I4C builds upon CARBON EXPO, the global forum on carbon markets from 2003 to 2016. CARBON EXPO was recognized as the premier annual platform for both private and public sector players to develop the carbon market infrastructure and to connect and collaborate on carbon markets and climate financing instruments.

The Agenda 2030 and Paris Agreement set a new direction for shaping the global climate finance landscape by including climate action in a broader set of climate finance and policy instruments and attract a wider group of stakeholders, including the financial and technology sectors.

In its first four years, I4C has positioned itself as the preeminent global event on climate change action and has built a reputation for high quality technical knowledge sharing. Each year, I4C has focused on various themes in climate finance, climate investment, climate markets and climate policy.


Our Workshop

In the fight against the global climate crisis, many companies and other organizations have responded by adopting emission reduction targets. Most of these targets are carbon neutrality targets designed to be achieved by an organization’s individual carbon accounting: Companies avoid or reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and offset residual emissions in order to “neutralise” their total emissions. This usually is done through the purchase of carbon credits. However, increasingly, it is being called into question to what extent this is an expedient approach to contribute to the global net zero goal. Especially if the emission reductions achieved in the offset projects lead to double counting under the Paris Agreement.

With the contribution claim approach, an alternative model is being developed that allows companies to promote global climate protection via private financial contributions. The key difference between the offsetting and the contribution model is that it does not include carbon accounting that aims at achieving a “carbon neutral” or “net-zero” status. Instead, companies claim their emissions reductions as a “contribution to climate finance”. The claim’s focus is on taking responsibility for one’s emissions while making a most effective contribution towards the global net-zero goal. The new model also offers the establishing of multiple-benefit strategies which, in addition to carbon avoidance or removal schemes, may address transformative change processes towards global sustainability.

This panel aims to discuss opportunities to implement and scale the contribution claim model. Panelists will share their experiences in advancing this alternative approach and discuss ways to develop a common understanding of how the concept can be made marketable.

Moderation: Gesa Schöneberg (Stiftung Allianz für Entwicklung und Klima)


  • Nicolas Kreibich, Senior Researcher and Project Lead ContClaim, Wuppertal Institute
  • Lydia Sheldrake, Director for Policy and Partnerships, Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiative (VCMI)
  • Axel Michaelova, Senior Founding Partner, Perspectives Climate Group GmbH
  • Jessica Denoyelle, Head of Projects & General Counsel, ClimateSeed

Date & Time:
I4C: 23 -25 May
Our Workshop: Thursday 25 May, 14:00 – 14:50 (CEST)
Location: BEC – Bilbao Exhibition Centre; Azkue Kalea, 1; 48902 Barakaldo, Bizkaia

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