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IPMA Webinar “One World – Our Responsibility. Paths to sustainable Management”

Providing food and water for the world’s growing population, climate change, exploitation and depletion of raw materials, environmental problems and energy generation from sustainable sources, population explosion versus ageing – these are some of the essential challenges whose solution requires not only political will and the associated strategic decisions, but also intelligent, different, innovative management and project management. A conscious approach to these challenges, without falling into disintegrating panic or soul-killing paralysis, is absolutely essential in order to shape the necessary change.

These challenges for strategic and operational management in the direction of sustainable management will be discussed by these three experts with best practice examples.

Moderation: Max Panaro (SIG ESG Global Head, IPMA)

– Peter Renner (Chairman of the Board of Directors, Foundation Development and Climate Alliance)
– Prof. Dr. Konstantin Theile (Prof. em. for International Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics, ESB Reutlingen)
– Dr. Wolfgang Glitscher (Graduate biochemist & chemical engineer Lecturer for project management, Technical University of Berlin)

Date: 12th June 2024
Location: online
Organizer: SIG ESG Team of the International Project Management Association (IPMA)

The webinar language is English.

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